2015-16 Cancer Network Annual Report

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Sentara Cancer Network Leadership Team


Thomas Alberico, M.D.
Medical Oncology
Cancer Committee Chair, Sentara Cancer Network

Richard Hoefer, D.O.
Surgical Oncology, Sentara CarePlex Hospital
Medical Director and Cancer Conference Coordinator, Sentara Cancer Network

James Schneider, M.D.
Surgical Oncology, Sentara Leigh Hospital
CoC Cancer Liaison Physician, Sentara Cancer Network; Chair, Sentara Leigh Hospital Cancer Committee

Victor Archie, M.D.
Radiation Oncology, Sentara Obici Hospital
Chair, Sentara Obici Hospital Cancer Committee

Donna Baldassare, M.D.
Palliative Care, Sentara Hampton Roads Region

Aaron Bleznak, M.D.
Surgical Oncology, Administration, Sentara Medical Group

Bruce Booth, M.D.
Medical Oncology

Edwin Crandley, M.D.
Radiation Oncology, Sentara Hampton Roads Region

Eric Feliberti, M.D.
Surgical Oncology, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
Chair, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Cancer Committee

Mark Fleming, M.D.
Medical Oncology, Sentara Hampton Roads Region

Sylvia Hendrix, M.D.
Radiation Oncology, Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital

Donald Jenkins, M.D.
Surgery, Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital and Sentara Princess Anne Hospital
Chair, Sentara Princess Anne Hospital Cancer Committee

Lester Johnson, M.D.
Radiology, Sentara Hampton Roads Hospitals

Song Kang, M.D.
Radiation Oncology, Sentara CarePlex Hospital

Janete Mills, M.D.
Radiation Oncology, Sentara Albemarle Medical Center

Heather Morgan, M.D.
Radiation Oncology, Sentara RMH Medical Center

Devinderpal Randhawa, M.D.
Medical Oncology, Sentara Halifax Regional Hospital

Marc Silverberg, M.D.
Pathology, Sentara Hampton Roads Region

Jason Wilson, M.D.
Surgical Oncology, Sentara CarePlex Hospital

Administrative and Clinical Leadership

Cindy Allen
Vice President, Sentara Healthcare Oncology Service Line
Committee Administrator

Jan Bennett
American Cancer Society

Ron Bieszczad
Administration, Sentara CarePlex Hospital
Pancreatic Subservice Line Administrative Lead

Jessa Blount
Genetic Counseling

Marlene Bolster
Administration, Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center

Debbie Brown
Administration, Sentara Leigh Hospital

Connie Bush
Community Outreach
Community Outreach Coordinator

Amanda Colley
Administration, Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital
Gynecology Oncology Subservice Line Administrative Lead

Janet Creef
Social worker
Psychosocial Coordinator

Nicky Dozier
Clinical Research, U.S. Oncology

Michele Fortner
Administration, Radiation Oncology

Carol Hodies
Nurse Navigation

Jon Horton

James Hoy
Pastoral Care

Vonia Ickes
Nutrition Counseling

Samantha Kern
Administration, Sentara Princess Anne Hospital
Colorectal Subservice Line Administrative Lead

Brad Kirby
Thoracic Oncology Subservice Line Administrative Lead
Quality Improvement Coordinator

Shannon Kriz
Administration, Radiation Oncology

Janet MacArthur
Administration, Sentara RMH Medical Center

Chris Manetz
Breast Program Leadership Committee
Administrative Lead

Kathleen Marcia
Cancer Registry
Quality Control Coordinator

Maureen McGrath
Executive Director, U.S. Oncology

Rebecca Mot
Hospice Administrator

Faye Satterly
Administration, Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital

Lesley Scott
Administration, Sentara Albemarle Medical Center

Terri Sim
Administration, Sentara Williamsburg Regional
Medical Center

Meredith Strand
Administration, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
Research Coordinator

Jennifer Taylor
Oncology Nurse

Grey Watson
Administration, Sentara Halifax Regional Hospital

Lynne Whitlock
Administration, Sentara Obici Hospital
Hematology Subservice Line Lead

Alan Wilson
Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Sentara Healthcare Corporate Support

Brian Boland
Performance Improvement

Barbara Gerhardt
Performance Improvement

Roland McClendon
Decision Support

Judy Sanders
Information Analytics

Rose West
Customer Development and Marketing