2018-19 Cancer Network Annual Report

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Christopher J. Dobzyniak, M.D. , Interventional Radiology, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital

Powerful Treatment

Interventional radiology

Interventional radiology physicians play a critical role in the multidisciplinary team approach in the treatment of cancer and cancer-related disorders. This is a rapidly evolving field where innovative techniques for diagnosing and treating cancer results in prolonged survival for patients as well as improved quality of life. Interventional procedures provide minimally invasive, targeted treatment of cancers.

At Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, our quaternary level facility, and at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital, we most commonly use interventional radiology to treat kidney, liver and other hepatobiliary cancers. In palliative care, we use the technique to drain fluids and clear obstructed kidney and bile ducts to keep patients comfortable and to alleviate complications.

Chemoembolization Procedure