2018-19 Cancer Network Annual Report

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Personal, Advanced, Proactive: Our Plan for Cancer Care

We are pleased to share the 2017-2018 Sentara Cancer Network Annual Report. It has truly been an extraordinary year in clinical advances within oncology across the country. The advances highlighted in this report attest to a key trend that is driving progress against cancer today in regards to precision therapy. Cancer therapies are becoming increasingly precise, thereby enabling a more personalized approach to treatment selection. The research into cancer biology is propelling rapid development with many new novel treatments in the pipeline for approval by the FDA.

Thanks to earlier detection, advanced treatment and supportive care, more Americans are surviving cancer than ever before. In fact, there are almost 14.5 million cancer survivors alive in the United States today, and that number is expected to grow to nearly 19 million by 2024, as reported by the American Cancer Society. Due to all of these efforts, many cancers can now be regarded as more chronic in nature. While we have made great strides forward, we realize that the same therapies that were used to treat the disease create their own challenges in the medical community. Addressing the needs of cancer survivors has been a focused area for the Sentara Cancer Network this year as we continue to work with our cancer survivors and their families to ensure we have the right services and programs in place to not only meet their needs but to help them fully embrace their survivorship.

Throughout the report, you will see the commitment that the Sentara Cancer Network has on improving the health of our community. Our physicians, nurses and staff participate in many prevention, education and screening programs to raise the awareness for cancer support and improve the overall health of our communities.

One integral way we have done this is with the new Sentara Cancer Center in Norfolk, VA. We broke ground on this $93.5 million project in 2018 and expect to complete it in 2020. This state-of-the-art center is modeled after major cancer centers throughout the nation and builds upon the exemplary cancer care services currently provided by Sentara.

As the only Integrated Cancer Program in Virginia, as designated by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, we are in a position to provide expert care close to home. Through our multidisciplinary team approach, evidence-based protocols, cutting-edge technologies and advanced clinical trials, patients can rest assured that they are receiving quality care throughout our entire Sentara Cancer Network. This Annual Report summarizes many of our accomplishments, including:

  • Adding new diagnostic and treatment technologies to our arsenal of cancer-fighting tools as they become available
  • Welcoming outstanding new physicians and staff to our team
  • Listening to what our patients are telling us, and focusing on access and refining processes to improve our patients’ experiences
  • Creating innovative new programs, such as our next-generation molecular lab capacities
  • Continuing to build our “Living Beyond Cancer” Survivorship Program, to enhance our patients’ well-being and long-term health
  • Increasing our clinical research activity and expanded clinical research accrual
  • Creating a safe environment for care delivery
  • Providing our community with cancer screening services and cancer prevention education

As we reflect on the outstanding accomplishments for this year, and for the excitement that is ahead with the transformation in oncology care, we are privileged to share these accomplishments, as well as many more highlighted throughout this report.

Richard Hoefer - Surgical Oncology - Sentara Cancer Network
Richard A. Hoefer, D.O., FACS

Surgical Oncology
Medical Director,
Sentara Cancer Network

Thomas Alberico - Medical Oncology - Sentara Cancer Network
Thomas A. Alberico, M.D.

Medical Oncology
Chair, Oncology High Performance Team

James Schneider - Surgical Oncology - Sentara Cancer Network
James Schneider, M.D., FACS

Surgical Oncology
Cancer Liaison Physician (CLP), Sentara Cancer Network

Cindy Allen - Vice President of Sentara Cancer Network
Cindy Allen
Vice President, Sentara Cancer Network