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Research and Scholarly Activity

Clinical Trials & Research

Clinicians and academic researchers in the Sentara Cancer Network partner with Virginia Oncology Associates, Eastern Virginia Medical School, George Mason University and other national and local healthcare organizations to conduct research that elevates patient care.  We offer research throughout the Sentara system, with a focus in Hampton Roads and Blue Ridge regions.

We are a proud and productive member in good standing of The Alliance for Clinical Trials for Oncology, funded by the National Cancer Institute. As a leading contributor to national research, we are committed to participating in promising clinical trials that make new first-line therapies available to patients right now. Our team also participates in research that may lead to better options for prevention, diagnosis and treatment in the future. One constant goal is to improve our patients’ quality of life.  These studies below represent a sample of our diverse research activities.

For more information about our clinical trials and research, visit the Sentara Health Research Center.

Sentara Cancer Network Clinical Trial Accruals

Graph showing Sentara Cancer Network Clinical Trial Accruals 2023

Luke Hillier Cancer Research Alliance

The Luke Hillier Cancer Research Alliance is an innovative partnership between the Sentara Brock Cancer Center, the Sentara Health Research Center, Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) and Virginia Oncology Associates (VOA). Through a transformational gift by Virginia Beach native Luke Hillier, the Luke Hillier Cancer Research Alliance enables further collaboration between longtime partners EVMS, Sentara Healthcare and Virginia Oncology Associates to advance oncology research in the community.

Together, the Luke Hillier Cancer Research Alliance provides access to cutting-edge trials and provides hope for those dealing with a cancer diagnosis. It is critical to understand the role of clinical research in oncology, as it is central to discovering and improving cancer treatments for people worldwide. By tapping into the strengths and expertise of each of the organizations, together, patients in Hampton Roads will have access to the latest innovative clinical trials.

The Luke Hillier Cancer Research Alliance will provide expanded access to early phase clinical trials, translational research and biospecimen banking opportunities. There will be an added focus on health equities and outcomes research to address the health inequities that exist in the community. Today’s clinical trials are tomorrow’s latest treatment options.

2022 Oncology Publications

Transcaval versus transaxillary TAVR in contemporary practice: A propensity-weighted analysis; National Institutes of Health; January 2022

Completion peripheral angiography in single‐access,Impella‐assisted, high‐risk PCI: Using a buddy microcatheter sheath after MANTA closure for imaging and potential bailout; JetPub Scientific Communications LLC; March 2022

Transcaval versus transaxillary TAVR in contemporary practice: A propensity-weighted analysis; The American College of Cardiology Foundation; May 2022

Unmet Clinical Need: Developing Prognostic Biomarkers and Precision Medicine to Forecast Early Tumor Relapse, Detect Chemo-Resistance and Improve Overall Survival in High-Risk Breast Cancer; Annals of Breast Cancer and Therapy; April 2022

Prognostic Features and Treatment Outcomes in Primary Liver Sarcoma; Journal of Surgical Research

Passive Immunity Trial for Our Nation (PassITON); National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS); May 2022

Biomarkers for predicting cancer in women with suspicious mammograms; George Mason University; August 2022

Perspectives on Triple-Negative Breast Cancer:  Current Treatment Strategies, Unmet Needs, and Potential Targets for Future Therapies; MDPI; October 2022

Surgery or Endovascular Therapy for Chronic Limb-Threatening Ischemia; The New England Journal of Medicine; November 2022

Persistent EGFR/K-RAS/SIAH pathway activation drives chemo-resistance and early tumor relapse in triple-negative breast cancer.; Cancer Drug Resist; June 2022